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School Daze - Math Trick Tutorial (2:55) PDF Print E-mail
(181 votes)
School Daze - Math Trick Tutorial (2:55)Effect: Deck is divided to 3 piles. Two spectators pick 2 random cards from each pile. The amount of card in the thirds pile equals the subtraction of the two random cards. Requires simple preparation.
Math Trick - Find Chosen Card (2:38) PDF Print E-mail
(224 votes)
Math Trick - Find Chosen Card (2:38) - Card trick tutorialEffect: A mathematical counting trick: Spectator puts chosen card back in deck. Magician divides decks into four piles using the method shown here, and finds the chosen card. Very easy to perform (like most math tricks).
Red Jacks will find your card (6:54) PDF Print E-mail
(261 votes)
Red Jacks will find your card (6:54) Card Trick TutorialEffect: Spectator picks a card and shuffles it back in the deck. Deck is cut several times. Magician then finds the card trapped between the two red jacks. A simple yet impressive trick, and a professional tutorial. Requires simple deck maneuvering techniques.
Torn Card Flips Sides (5:40) PDF Print E-mail
(196 votes)
Torn Card Flips Sides (5:40) Card Trick TutorialEffect: Magician takes two cards, folds them in half, and slides the first card into the second. When the first card emerges out, it turns out that it switched sided. This is a very cool trick, and quite easy to perform, in case you don't mind ruining a card...
Lost Card Revealed - Flipped Backwords (2:23) PDF Print E-mail
(225 votes)
Lost Card Revealed - Flipped Backwards (2:23)Easy trick - Effect: Chosen card inserted back to deck, then revealed by performer along with another card when it faces the opposite side then the rest of the deck.
Reveal Card with Secret Slide (3:02) PDF Print E-mail
(227 votes)
Reveal Card with Secret SlideA Simple trick with a powerful effect
Chosen card is put back to deck, then 5 other cards are taken out and put on the table. One of them turns to be the chosen card.
Magic 13 Tutorial (4:36) PDF Print E-mail
(125 votes)
Magic 13 TutorialEffect: Audience cuts the deck 13 times and it's back to normal order. Easy trick, requires pre-ordered deck.
Hide and Seek card trick (4:42) PDF Print E-mail
(45 votes)
Hide and Seek (4:42)Hide and Seek card trick performed by a talented kid.
"Jumping Gemini" Tutorial (7:09) PDF Print E-mail
(66 votes)
'Jumping Gemini' Card Trick Tutoria (7:09)A great tutorial for the famous video by Roy Raphaeli for the "4 Card Monte". Not too complicated, but has a great effect.
Bertram Snap Change Tutorial PDF Print E-mail
(124 votes)
Bertram Snap Change TutorialEasy and stunning real magician's trick. And the explanation is simple and understandable. Requires lots of practice, but believe me it's worth it.
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