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Effect: Make the spectators card levitate out of the deck.


  1. Ask the spectator to pick a card out of the deck. Make him/her look at the card and ask them to put it back in.
  2. Make a pinky break above the spectators card so you know where it is.
  3. Cut the cards as many times as you want. But, always keep a pinky break on the spectators card the whole time. (TIP: Make sure the spectators card is at the top of the deck when you're done cutting the cards.)
  4. Tell the spectators that you're going to use static electricity to make the card levitate. Rub your magic wand (finger) back and forth on yourself and then at the top of the deck. (TIP: Make sure the front of the deck is the facing the spectators.)
  5. Act like you're trying to make the card levitate by lifting your magic wand (finger) above the deck.
  6. While rubbing the top the deck, put your pinky in the middle of the spectators card and force the pinky to lift the card up while putting your finger above the deck.
  7. Ask the spectator if that's their card. If they say yes, you did the trick correctly. If they said no, practice the trick a little bit more by yourself.

Trick by Tony Genualdo.

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