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Effect: The four aces are taken out of the deck, and then placed back inside the deck in random locations. But then they magically appear in the top of the deck again. This trick has a video tutorial.


  1. You will need the four aces and four random cards from out of the deck.
  2. Place the 4 random cards behind the back of the last ace in the pack. (Watch in the video if its too confusing to read).
  3. Show the audience the four aces without them knowing that the four random cards are behind them.
  4. Start placing the top 4 cards into the middle of the deck randomly. The audience believes that you are placing the four aces into the middle of the deck. What you are really doing is placing the four random cards into the middle of the deck.
  5. Do a type o magical gesture then flip the 4 top cards over showing the audience how the aces magically teleported to the top.

Click here to watch the video tutorial of this card magic trick

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Trick by Santino Dagostino

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