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1. Deal out five piles with five cards in each pile.

2. Tell the spectator to pick a pile. Pick up the pile and tell her (or him) to look at any specific card and memorize it.

3. Put the pile down.

4. Pick up two of the other piles. Put her pile on top of those two, and put the two remaining piles on top. Her pile will be the middle one.

5. Deal out the cards in the OPPOSITE order.

6. Show her the cards in one pile and ask if she sees her card. Do this until you find her pile again.

7. Combine two of the piles into a single stack.

8. Pick up the top card of her pile and place it on the stack so that it projects about one inch beyond the end. Pick up the next card from her pile and place it on the other so that its end projects half an inch in the opposite direction. Continue with the other three cards in her pile so that the third card sticks out an inch at one end, the fourth card sticking out a half-inch at the other end, and so on.

9. Place the remaining two piles on top of the rest of the cards.

10. Hold up the deck so that three cards stick out of the top and two cards out of the bottom. Tap the three cards down until they're flush.

11. Tap the bottom two cards up until they're flush.

12. One card will rise above the rest. This is her card
Real 4 Aces Variation
Effect: Set up the cards as in the original trick except that you have from the top of the deck the values 10 through 2 and then the Aces. (Note...
No I Got It
Effect: Gives an effect of the card vanishing and reappearing back on top of the deck. Or being knocked through the table.
The Reappearing Combo
Effect: Cards are eliminated by the audience but somehow appear at the end. Combination of a couple of tricks on Card Trick Central.