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Effect: Magician predicts the position of two 8s inside the deck, based on the top card on the pile.

The Set-up

Firstly you need t take the four 8s out of the pack, and put 1 on the top of the deck, 2 in the 8th and 9th position from the bottom of the deck, and 1 in the 10th position off the top of the deck

The Trick

You can do a false shuffle or false cuts to give the impression you are mixing the deck, but you’ve got to keep the 8s in the same position.

  1. Say you are going to make a random prediction (and secretly choose the 10th card down which is the first 8) Don’t turn the card over but say that will be your prediction card.
  2. Then, turn the deck upside down (face up at the bottom) and start dealing cards face up into 1 pile.
  3. Then explain that the spectator can say stop at anytime they like (but while you are explaining this make sure you have passed your two 8s so they can’t get mixed up).
  4. Once they say stop, remember which pile had the two 8s in and turn the pile you dealt face down. This will be your first pile. place the remaining pack face down beside it, this will be your second pile (REMEMBER THE FIRST PACK HAS THE 8s IN THE 8th AND 9th POSITION!!!! The second pack will have the 8 on top).
  5. Then say choose a pile.
    1. If they choose the pile with the 8s in the 8th and 9th position, say you are going to count out cards from that pile. Turn over the top card from the other pile (which will be the 8) then count out the 8 cards face down and put the remainder of the pile you counted out beside it, turn over the top two cards, they are both 8s like your prediction!
    2. If they choose the pile with the 8 on top, simply turn over the top card (the 8) and count out 8 cards face down and put the remainder of the pile you counted out beside it, turn over the top two cards. They will be the two 8s. You now have three 8s showing, and you turn over your prediction card, it is the final 8!!

Trick by Brady

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