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The Rising Card PDF Print E-mail
(7 votes)
Effect: A spectator chooses a card and puts it back in the deck. Then you put it back in the card box and tell them to hold it. Then as they are holding it, their card starts to rise out of the pack!
Teleporting Aces PDF Print E-mail
(32 votes)
Effect: The four aces are taken out of the deck, and then placed back inside the deck in random locations. But then they magically appear in the top of the deck again. This trick has a video tutorial.
Aces Card Switch PDF Print E-mail
(258 votes)
Effect: The two black aces that the spectator was holding magically turn red!
The Morphing Joker PDF Print E-mail
(34 votes)
Effect: The spectator picks and memorizes a card. He/she then places it back in the deck and the Magician shuffles the deck. The Magician then takes out a bunch of cards and places them on the bottom, followed by the joker which is also placed below them. The Magician then does some false calculations to reveal a different card to the spectators. The cards are replaced on top and the joker is placed on them. The Magician shows the top card to reveal that the joker has actually morphed into the spectator's chosen card!
The Levitating Card PDF Print E-mail
(70 votes)
Effect: Make the spectators card levitate out of the deck.
Mystical 8s Prediction PDF Print E-mail
(52 votes)
Effect: Magician predicts the position of two 8s inside the deck, based on the top card on the pile.
In The Box - Color Flip PDF Print E-mail
(27 votes)
Effect: Starting with a blue deck and a red deck, the chosen red card magically jumps to the blue deck.
Trapped Trick PDF Print E-mail
(33 votes)
Effect: The magician removes the two red queens from a deck of cards. An audience member picks a card and shuffles their card into the deck. Magician places the two queens on top of the deck and cuts the deck, burying the queens in the middle somewhere. He then fans it out and reveals the spectator's card face down between the queens.
This is a great trick to perform in front of any size audience.
The Story of Cactus Pete PDF Print E-mail
(35 votes)
The Effect: The magician cuts the deck, and in each time finds an Ace. Funny end, and a funny story.
Rising Card PDF Print E-mail
(65 votes)

1. Deal out five piles with five cards in each pile.

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