The Rising Card
Effect: A spectator chooses a card and puts it back in the deck. Then you put it back in the card box and tell them to hold it. Then as they are holding it, their card starts to rise out of the pack!


Rubber Band, 2 Old Cards, 2 pieces of any type of tape.


Follow this guy's preparation steps and then come right back to this method.


  1. First place the two cards with the rubber band taped on the bottom of the deck.
  2. Then ask the spectator to pick any card. (Make sure they do not pick the bottom two. If they do, just say they are too obvious, I've already seen those two cards.)
  3. Then tell them to show everybody around them. When they do this, turn around and cut the pack.
  4. Then ask them to give you the card. And tell them to make sure you don't look at it.
  5. Place the card in between the two cards with the rubber band in the middle. You will have to force it down and then keep it down. A trick to do this it to hold the pack tight.
  6. Place the deck into the card box. Make sure you are squeezing tightly, but don't make it obvious.
  7. Give the box with the deck inside to the spectator. TELL THEM TO SQUEEZE THE DECK.
  8. As they are squeezing, tell them to think of their card and to relax their grip. As they do this, the force of the rubber band will start to bring the card up slowly.
  9. Pull the card out when it is done rising, and show it to them.
  10. Sit back and enjoy their amazement!!!!

Trick by Santino Dagostino