9 Cards
Effect: read the other persons mind.
  1. Two people who know the trick sit together at a table.
  2. One of them lays out 9 cards in rows of three.
  3. One of the “magicians” leaves the table
  4. The remaining “magician” asks a spectator to pick a card out of the 9 cards.
  5. Once he or she picks it, the other “magician” comes back to the table.
  6. The magician who asked the spectator to pick the card points to random cards and asks the other magician if that is the spectators card.
  7. The way the magician knows which card it is is... The way the other magician points at the cards.

Eventually, he points at a the card right in the middle, then the direction in which he points is their card.

For example, lets say the spectator picked the 8. The guy who asked the spectators would ask the guy who didn’t watch the spectator random cards and ask, “is this their card”. Obviously, the other guy would say no. But once he gets to the middle card, which is the five, he would point at the card toward the middle left. Then, he guesses which card it is.

9   3    A
8   5    K
7   10   J

Trick by Ned Mylod