21 Find Your Card
Effect: Find the chosen card from 21 cards


  1. Choose the first 21 cards out of the deck, in any order, perhaps you have a ace of spades, 10 of jacks, etc...
  2. Lay the cards on the ground(facing down), and have them choose one, look at it, and put it back in the pile. you can look at what the person does, but not to look at the card chosen.
  3. Separate the first three cards into 3 different piles, facing up. and add one card (facing up) at a time to each pile. that making 7 cards in each of the three piles.
  4. Have the person tell you what pile it is in, not the card. and pick up the other two decks, one in each hand, and place the pile they said their card was in, in the middle. so one of the piles down, then their pile, then the other. you repeat this 2 more times.
  5. After that being done, you place the 21 cards in your hand, without shuffling, and count off ten, placing them face down on the surface in which you are on, and hold up the 11th card counted asking, "is this your card?" if they say yes, you have succeeded, if they say no, you have failed your trick, and try again!! enjoy!!!!

Trick by Kristin Tykoski