The Color Transfer
Effect: The Magician places a black joker on top of a red card. The Magician then reveals that the red card has turned black and has given its red to the joker above it!


  1. A prepared deck is needed. To set up, place the red Joker on the bottom and then the black Joker underneath it. Put a red card on the top of the deck and the a card of the same value but of a black suit on top of that. Should should get: (B joker)(R Joker) Deck (R card)(B card) You must NEVER let the audience see that you have two Jokers on the bottom.
  2. Double lift the top card to expose the red card. In this case, let's say it's the 3 of hearts. Show the black Joker on the bottom. Explain that you are going to transfer the colour from the 3 of hearts to the black Joker. Replace the top cards.
  3. Hold the deck in your left hand with your thumb on the right edge and your other fingers on the left edge faced down. Execute the Glide (slide the bottom card back about 1-1.5cm) and take out the red Joker. The audience will believe this is the black Joker. Place the red Joker on top of the deck.
  4. Perform some magic action like clicking or tapping and reveal that the 'red card' beneath the Joker has lost its colour. Slide out the black card directly under the Joker. Then reveal that the black Joker on top has now become red! You may reveal the Joker first if you wish. It does not matter.
  5. Shuffle the deck quickly so the audience do not notice thw black Joker under the deck.

Trick by Alga Mau