In The Box - Color Flip
Effect: Starting with a blue deck and a red deck, the chosen red card magically jumps to the blue deck.


you will need:
  1. Red back deck
  2. Blue back deck
  3. A duplicate red back card eg – 8 spades

Start with a blue back deck (boxed) and a red back deck.
Place the duplicate red card (8 of spades) in the middle if the blue deck and put the deck somewhere out of the way, but not to far.


Have your 8 of spades on the top of the deck, do a false shuffle retaining the card at the top, throw in a false cut for finesse.

Have your spectator take the cards cut about 1/4 of the way down and flip the cards over, and place back on the deck. (now face up) have them cut again a bit further down and flip them over again.

Now ask them to fan down until they have found the first face down card, explain that they cut at there own choice etc... make sure they remember the card. Put the deck back together and have the chosen card put back on the top.

Do another false cut or shuffle to retain the card at the top.

Make a story that just by blowing the deck or some general disappearing card patter, that you can make a card vanish and re-appear elsewhere.

Now the tricky bit:

Turn the cards face up in your hand and secretly slide the now bottom card (remember the deck is face up, top card is now bottom) slide it almost off until you can just bearly hold it in your hand, then spread the cards out on the table. If done correct the card will have been pushed under the bottom of the now spread cards and be invisible to spot.

Ask the spectator if they can see their card, hopefully not!!! Then square up the deck and do a real cut, to avoid anxious people turning over the top card. And say its done.

Now gesture towards the blue deck, tell them to get it and take out the cards, it is important at this point that you don’t touch the blue deck (this is for effect and to avoid any “you just put that in there” remarks).

Have them spread the cards face down, tada there is a red back card in the blue deck, have them remove it and revel in their amazement.

For further effect you could even show the blue back 8 of spades also to show that it really did jump in there.

There you have it.
My variation of the In the box trick.
By mike tedd (uk)
hope it all makes sence, have fun and practise hard.

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