Trapped Trick
Effect: The magician removes the two red queens from a deck of cards. An audience member picks a card and shuffles their card into the deck. Magician places the two queens on top of the deck and cuts the deck, burying the queens in the middle somewhere. He then fans it out and reveals the spectator's card face down between the queens.
This is a great trick to perform in front of any size audience.

How its Done

This trick is really not too difficult but if done right it gets a great reaction.
First you remove the two red queens from the deck and set them on the table. You then fan out the cards and invite an audience member to pick one card. Have them remember the card and return it to the deck. You then need to control that card to the top of the deck with whatever method you choose. Distract the audience by picking up the two queens that you laid down (you can make up a story to go along with the trick if you want) while you obtain a finger break underneath the card that you have controlled to the top. Place the two queens on top of the card and then (this is the tricky part) pull both the bottom queen and the card on top out together and quickly place them on top of the first queen (it's just a different form of a double lift. Cut the deck and complete it on top of the queens and the audience member's card. Fan the cards out on the table, floor, etc. face down and show that the queens are still face up but there is now a card in between them.
Have the audience member turn the card over and watch their expression.

Trick by Eric Lykins