Online Video Poker Tips

If you are a fan of slots or live video poker, online video poker is a natural move.
Online video poker is indistinguishable from its live counterpart, other than the fact that there is no wait for a machine and no lugging a bucket full of coins to the cashier when you cash out.

Online video poker is also one of the lowest house edge games in the online casino. To maximize your online video poker enjoyment, you should follow a few simple tips.

If you have played online poker, then you probably know you have to invest a lot of time to master the game. Video poker might be the game for you if you donít have that kind of time available. You can play at your own pace and donít have to learn how to play against opponents. It is you against the house so the decisions you have to make are much easier to learn.

Play Correct Strategy in Online Video Poker

It’s possible to find strategy guides for the various video poker games played at internet casinos, and following these guides gives you a very good chance to win. If you’re playing without a strategy guide, at the very least your goal should be to take the sure payouts in most cases and not play hunches or “gamble” on longshots to try to get a big payoff.

You can also find some basic strategy tips for 5 card draw there Ė enough to get you started playing. All you really need to do is gain an understanding of the basic concept before you start practicing playing free games. Once you understand the game you will need to decide which of the many variants you like the most and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Play the Right Games in Online Video Poker

You want to find online video poker games that offer the best payouts. A jacks or better online video poker game should pay nine coins for a full house and six coins for a flush. If it pays less, look for a better game on a different site.
Before you do, make sure you are looking at a jacks or better game.
Different games, such as Deuces Wild or other wild card video poker games will have different payouts since the probability of making certain hands is much greater.

Take Your Time in Online Video Poker

It’s important to make the right moves, so take the time to make sure you get them correct.
No one will be rushing you when you play online, so there’s no reason not to take as long as you need to make the right decision.