Effect: The spectator picks out a card, that will be put on top of the deck facing up. The deck is cut several times. The card facing up finds the card they pick.
  1. Shuffle the deck. ( Note bottom card ).
  2. Fan out cards and tell spectator to pick a card.
  3. Spectator puts card on top of the deck face up, because that is the card that is going to help them find there card.
  4. Cut the deck as many times as you want, with the spectator, in whatever manner works best for you. (first cut automatically puts them both together.)
  5. When you are done, put the deck to the side.
  6. Write down 12345678910JQK on piece of paper.
  7. Tell spectator to pick 6 numbers. ( if the number of your card you noted, from the bottom of the pack, is one of the 6 they pick, those numbers are kept, if your number you noted, from the bottom of the pack, isn’t one of the 6 they pick, you scratch those 6 numbers away.)
  8. Tell spectator to pick 3 out of the remaining 7. ( do the same as number 7 )
  9. Tell spectator to pick 2 out of the remaining 4. ( do the same as number 7 )
  10. Tell spectator to pick 1 out of the remaining 2. ( do the same as number 7 )
  11. The last number is the number of the card that was on the bottom of the deck.
  12. Do the same routine with the suits as you did in 9 and 10.
  13. The last suit, will be the same suit, as the card you noted, on the
    bottom of the deck.
  14. Ask them if they want to cut the deck anymore times, to make sure their
    card, will find there card. ( that you made them choose.)
  15. Flip cards from top of deck, on the table, facing up, until you have reached their card, that is facing up.
  16. The top card of the cards you flipped is the card they predicted.

* from 7-10 it can go either way, make up your own style. Make it
convincing, you want to make them think they picked out the card themselves,
without giving away the secret. Be sure to make them feel like they are
psychic...sit back and watch there reaction.

Trick by Tyro Acuity