A Magical Card Production
Effect: This simple card trick is a logical opening for a series of feats with cards.


You prepare by placing the deck in your lower left vest pocket, one end protruding so that you can readily take hold of it. If necessary push a silk handkerchief into the pocket first.

To begin you show a large silk foulard, you shake it out and turn it around, then, holding one corner in your teeth and the opposite corner in your left hand, you stretch the silk out so that your vest is covered. You thrust your right hand under the silk, pushing out its center, which you seize with your left hand. Turn this hand over quickly, causing the silk to fall down over it, and revealing-nothing. So you try again.

You stretch the silk out as before and again thrust your right hand behind it. This time you seize the deck, pull it out of the vest pocket and thrust one corner against the middle of the silk. You let the corners of the silk drop and quickly grasp the pack through the silk from the outside with your left hand. Turn this hand so that the silk falls over it, exposing the cards which you at once fan the fullest possible extent.
Awesome effect for a simple card trick!