Amazing Reversed Court Card
Effect: Four cards are placed in a row, faces up. While performer´s back is turned a card is turned end for end. He finds the one that has been reversed.


This amazing card trick online is a development of the very old trick which was done by using cards the white margins of which were a little wider on one side than the other. In this method pick out of a pack of Bicycle cards the K, Q and J of S. Note the small white spades used in the body of the design. The J has five small spades pointing up or down according to the way the card is turned. The Q has seven pointing to left or right and in the center of the K design the large jewel is shaded at one end only.

Lay these cards in a raw face up noting the way the designs point and invite a spectator to place any other Court card down with them. Turn your back while the spectator turns one card end for end. If he turns one of the S you recognize it by the changed position of the design, but if these are unchanged then you know that the fourth card must have been turned. This online card trick is amazing.