Tricky Aces
Effect: There are two piles and one is four aces and one is four regular cards and you make them magically switch places!


Step 1: take out all four aces out of the deck and lie them face up.

Step 2: Turn them over and put three cards on top of each ace.

Step 3: Now put all the piles on top of each other making the ace the 4th one in the deck.

Step 4: pass out the 1st 4 cards from left to right on top of the table.

Step 5: Take off the first card and point it at the ace and tell them to flip it over.

Step 6: While they are doing this put the card in your hand on the bottom of your pile secretly though.

Step 7: now pass out the rest of the cards one by one from left to right.

Step 8: take the two left decks and put them to the side. Then take the first of the 2 decks left and take out the bottom card secretly and flip pt over. now take the bottom card of the deck to the right secretly and flip it over to.

Step 9: Now swip swap the 2 cards face up and do some type of magical thing and presto turn the 2 decks over and they have switched.