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Effect: Spectator chooses a card at random, then remembers it and puts it back. Then the pack is given some cuts. Second spectator then picks a card using their first name, and lays it face down on the table. It is turned face up and it turns out to be the same card as the first spectator (WOW 1). The card is then replaced and the deck is cut, then replaced in it's box. The spectators both blow on the box, and then the magician reaches into their jacket pocket, and removes their card (WOW 2). The magician then removes the deck from the box and shows the cards to be ALL the spectator's chosen card. (WOW 3)


Prepare your Svengali deck in the normal way, with the force cards at every odd point in the deck. Place a duplicate of the force card (From another deck with the same back) into your inside jacket pocket (if you have one. if not, just stick it in any pocket)


  1. Show the cards to be normal (as if!! LOL) using the normal Svengali deck method.
  2. Tell the spectator to say stop at any time, then begin to flick through the cards in much the same way that you show the cards to be normal, and then when they tell you to stop, do so and give them the last card that you have just flicked. (A force card) Tell them to look at it, remember it, then place it back where it came from. put the rest of the un-flicked cards back on top, and straighten up the deck.
  3. Now for some maths. Ask the second spectator to tell you their first name. If it is an even amount of leters then you need the force cards to be at every odd point in the deck, If their name has an odd amount of letters the force cards need to be at every even point in the deck. The force cards are allready at every odd point in the deck, so if their name is 'even' then no cuts are needed. But if their name is 'odd', give the pack an educated cut or two to get the force cards in the correct positions in the pack.You are now ready for step 4.
  4. Tell the second spectator you are going to select a card for them using their first name. Deal down a card for every letter in their first name, then slide the new card that is now at the top of the deck (a force card if you followed instruction 3 carfully) into the middle of the table, leave it their for a few seconds, then dramaticaly flip it up. Adress the first spectator, asking them, 'was this your card'. They will say yes. Then say, ' you both chose the same card.' Not the most amazing thing in the world but still, pretty good.
  5. Replace the second spectator's card back on to the top of the deck, then pick up the dealt cards and deal them back on top of the deck. Replace the trick deck back into it's box (or the box you got the pocket duplicate out of if the trick deck box says something about it being a trick deck),and slide it over to the second spectator, telling him to blow on it. They do so, then slide it over to the first spectator, telling them to blow on it. Then reach into your pocket and pull out the force card duplicate, explaining their combined magic powers had transported their card to your pocket. Then add 'and that's not all it did'.
  6. Open the box and remove the deck. If the card on the bottom of the deck is a force card then perfect. If not, give the deck one or two educated cuts, bringing a force card to the bottom. Tell them that they have turned every card in the deck to their card. Just hold up the cards and flik through them the opposite way that you flick them to show that they are normal. (So this time you are flicking from the side closest to you to the side facing the spectators, instead of the other wy around) It will look like all of them are their card.
  7. Trick by Jordan Haden