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WOW 3x PDF Print E-mail
(57 votes)
Effect: Spectator chooses a card at random, then remembers it and puts it back. Then the pack is given some cuts. Second spectator then picks a card using their first name, and lays it face down on the table. It is turned face up and it turns out to be the same card as the first spectator (WOW 1). The card is then replaced and the deck is cut, then replaced in it's box. The spectators both blow on the box, and then the magician reaches into their jacket pocket, and removes their card (WOW 2). The magician then removes the deck from the box and shows the cards to be ALL the spectator's chosen card. (WOW 3)
3 Card Monte Variation PDF Print E-mail
(140 votes)
Effect: The performer has the spectator pick a card, which is lost in the deck. Then, the performer shows the spectator two Jacks and an Ace, and places them face down. He/she is then told to follow the ace as the performer mixes the cards. Despite appearing simple, the spectator gets it wrong. The performer repeats this, but first shows one of the Jacks to help the spectator; they still get it wrong. On the last time, both Jacks are flipped face up so the spectator can see which card should be the Ace. However, when flipped up, it turns out to be the chosen card!
The Color Transfer PDF Print E-mail
(82 votes)
Effect: The Magician places a black joker on top of a red card. The Magician then reveals that the red card has turned black and has given its red to the joker above it!
Ace+Ace=2 Jokers PDF Print E-mail
(236 votes)
Effect: Put down two aces and switch them really fast so no one sees. You flip the cards back over and the aces turn into jokers.
Card Appearance PDF Print E-mail
(93 votes)

Effect: The Magician has a spectator choose a card, then tells him/her to place the 4th card from the bottom. The magician then call's attention to each card from the bottom 1-4 and the spectator will say that's not his/her card. Then he uses the 4 cards left over and goes through them asking if any of those cards are his/hers. Then the spectator makes a fist the the magician put the 4 card's in it and hits the cards then the card is in the spectators hand.

Bert's Deception PDF Print E-mail
(73 votes)
What you need: Two similar card decks and one card with the same pattern but in another color. Let's say, you have two red decks of cards and one card with the same pattern on the back, but in blue. I will call this card the blue card.
Aroo! PDF Print E-mail
(112 votes)
Have a card selected, but not looked at. Place the card on top of the deck, then remove it and show it. Place the card back on the deck, and turn slightly away from the first spectator and show the card...
Another Changing Ace Trick PDF Print E-mail
(126 votes)

Effect: The performer shows two red aces, and places them face down on the table. He/She then asks the spectator two place his/her hands on the cards so that they cannot be switched. The performer then waves his hands (as if that actually does anything), and tells the spectator to flip the two face down aces over. They have turned black.

Another Ace Location PDF Print E-mail
(113 votes)

Effect: After shuffling the deck, the performer cuts the deck and turns up an ace at the point which he/she cut. This is repeated four times (for all of the aces).

The Ambitious Card PDF Print E-mail
(82 votes)

Effect: A great classic. A selected card mysteriously appears at the top of the deck again and again after being sent into the middle of the deck. The final appearance is a real stunner.

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