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Effect: Put down two aces and switch them really fast so no one sees. You flip the cards back over and the aces turn into jokers.
  1. To setup for the trick. Put one of the aces at the top of the deck. On top of that ace, put down the 2 jokers. On top of the jokers, put another ace.
  2. Show the audience the ace at the top of the deck and put it down on the table.
  3. Without showing the audience, lift the 2 jokers up with the second ace below it. Show the ace using a triple lift with the two jokers above it. Put the cards down on top of the deck. Put the first joker down on the table. (NOTE: The audience thinks that's the second ace).
  4. Tell the audience that you're going to switch the cards really fast. But first, you do it really slowly.
  5. Show them the first ace. Don't show them the joker. If they ask to see the other card, just say you have to get on with the trick.
  6. Without the audience looking switch the first ace with the other joker.
  7. Tell the audience that you're going to switch the cards really fast. But, without switching them, just tap the top of the card really fast.
  8. Ask them where their ace is. No matter what if they say the top or the bottom, say "no" every time.
  9. Then, flip the cards over and they're the 2 jokers. They'll be amazed.

Trick by Tony Genualdo.

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