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Effect: The spectator cuts the deck into four piles. The top card of each pile turns out to be an Ace.


Unknown to the spectators, you have the four aces on top of the deck. False-shuffle the cards, leaving the aces on top. Set the deck on the table. Ask a spectator to cut the deck in half, and then to cut each half in half.

There are now four piles on the table. Make sure you keep track of which pile has the aces on top. Pick up that pile. Say to the spectator, “Let’s see how you did.” One by one, take the top card of each of the other piles and place it face down on top of the packet in your hand.

“We have to build suspense here. You cut to four cards.” Count aloud, as you deal off the four top cards onto the table, one on top of the other. Pick up the four and place them back onto the packet, getting a break beneath them with your left little finger.

You should be holding the packet quite close to the pile which is on the table to the right. Turn over the top card and set it squarely on the packet. “Ah, an ace!”

With your palm-down right hand grip the top four cards, fingers at the front, thumb at the back. Lift off the four cards and place them on top of the pile which is on the right on the table. Apparently, you’ve placed only the ace on the pile.

Turn over the next card on top of the packet in your left hand. “Another ace!” In precisely the same way as you gripped the four-card pile, grip the ace and place it face up on top of one of the other piles.

Do the same with the next ace. Finally, turn over the top card of the packet in your left hand. Evidently, the spectator has cut to all four aces. Gaze at her in wonder and say, “My, I’d hate to play cards with you.”

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