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Effect: Person sees what their card is and the magician chooses three random cards, then puts them in a made fist by person, slaps the cards. The remaining card is theirs.


  1. Before you start the trick, memorize the bottom card.
  2. Then scroll through the cards and ask the spectator when to stop. When you are sliding their card out secretly use your thumb to take out the bottom card. The card you know is their card.
  3. Put the group of cards back in the deck.
  4. Ask spectator to shuffle cards in anyway they please with the card in mind.
  5. Make fan of cards face-up toward you. Make sure the spectator doesn't look at the cards as you are choosing.
  6. Once you see the memorized card(their card). Take out that card and three or four after theirs and say " I think it is between these 3/4 cards.
  7. Make sure their card is at the bottom of the three or for cards.
  8. Ask them to make a fist vertically and say make it tight but not too tight. Tight enough to hold cards, but loose enough so when you slap it they all don't fall out.
  9. Get ready! Slap the cards strongly but more on the light side. Their should be one remaining card. That is theirs! If all cards fall out pick up the cards and still make sure their card is at the bottom. Tell them to make their fist a little tighter. Try it again. Repeat step 9 until one card stays!

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