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Effect: after a pack of cards is divided into 3 piles, you it around and then you ask your victim to pick up the top card from the middle pile, memorise it and then put it back. You will guess it.


  1. Shuffle a pack of card well so the victim knows you haven't rigged it.
  2. Fan the cards out showing the victim it isn't in any particular order, and memorize the last card (lets say it's the two of diamonds).
  3. Square up the deck then get your victim to cut it into 3 piles, while remembering which pile is the top of the deck.
  4. Change the order of the 3 piles until the top is in the middle one (do quite a few movements so the victim doesn't suspect anything).
  5. Ask him/her to pick up and memorize then put back the top card from the middle pile (this will be the two of diamonds).
  6. Tell the victim the color, then suit, then finally the number.
  7. Take a well deserved bow.

Trick by The Incredible Cat

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