Easy Tricks
10 Cards PDF Print E-mail
(1886 votes)
First Step: Ask the spectator to pick a secret number from 1 to 10, without telling you what it is. Tell him that you are about to show him 10 cards, and he must memorize the card which is at the number that he had chosen. In other words, if he picked the number 4 then he should memorize the 4th card that you show him.
12345678910JQK PDF Print E-mail
(626 votes)
Effect: The spectator picks out a card, that will be put on top of the deck facing up. The deck is cut several times. The card facing up finds the card they pick.
21 Find Your Card PDF Print E-mail
(211 votes)
Effect: Find the chosen card from 21 cards
21 Finds Your Card PDF Print E-mail
(26 votes)
Effect: Reveal the chosen card out of 21 randomly selected cards.
9 Cards PDF Print E-mail
(133 votes)
Effect: read the other persons mind.
A Magical Card Production PDF Print E-mail
(529 votes)
Effect: This simple card trick is a logical opening for a series of feats with cards.
After Drinks PDF Print E-mail
(568 votes)
Effect: The audience is given two random cards. They look at them, but the magician doesn't see them. The audience inserts the cards into the deck, and without shuffling, the magician throws the deck into a chair, but somehow manages to pick up the two cards, holding them up in front of the gaping audience members.
All The Aces PDF Print E-mail
(2019 votes)
Effect: Spectator cuts deck into four piles. Out of each pile three cards are dealt onto each of the other piles. The top card of each pile is turned over, and all four Aces are revealed.
Amazing Prediction PDF Print E-mail
(929 votes)
First Step: Spectator is asked to shuffle the deck, then remove any twelve cards of his choice from the pack and to further shuffle these twelve cards. Whilst this is being done the magician writes a prediction on a piece of paper he places face down on the table...
Amazing Reversed Court Card PDF Print E-mail
(275 votes)
Effect: Four cards are placed in a row, faces up. While performer´s back is turned a card is turned end for end. He finds the one that has been reversed.
Appearing Card PDF Print E-mail
(738 votes)
Effect: A spectator picks a card out of a shuffled deck. You put it with three random cards, place the cards at the bottom of the deck, and shuffle. You take three cards from the bottom of the deck and ask the spectator if any of those are his. None are. These are laid on the table, one of the cards is flipped over, and the selection appears on the table.
Back Flip PDF Print E-mail
(438 votes)
Effect: Audience member picks a card, which the magician does not see. The audience member inserts the card back into the deck. Next the magician drops the card onto a table top, and the card jumps out of the deck, face up!
Chased PDF Print E-mail
(248 votes)
Effect: To guess someone's card by memorizing order of deck.
Count Down PDF Print E-mail
(170 votes)
Effect: You shuffle the deck several times and then ask a person to tell you when to STOP when they think you drop ten cards. You then count the correct amount of cards actually dropped. You then tell them to memorize the top card and put it back into the deck shuffling anyway they want to. You then fan all the cards out in a spiral towards the middle and pick their card out for them.
Cut To It PDF Print E-mail
(210 votes)
1. Shuffle the deck. When you are done, square up the deck using a table to aid you. During this, glance quickly at the bottom card. REMEMBER this card.
Deck Predictor PDF Print E-mail
(185 votes)
Effect: After mixing the deck of cards, the performer asks a spectator to cut the deck that is in his left hand. The spectator then places the top portion of the cards on the performer's right hand. The spectator is asked to take the top card off the portion in the performer's left hand. The spectator looks at the card without showing the performer. The performer uses his mind reading capability to tell what card has been chosen.
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21 Finds Your Card
Effect: Reveal the chosen card out of 21 randomly selected cards.
Effect: The magician asks a spectator to pick a number of cards seemingly of their choice until there is only 1 card left the spectator picks it up...
Setup: Before you start the card trick, find the two black 6's and the two black 9's. (The 6 of Spades, the 6 of Clubs, the 9 of Spades, and the 9 of...