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Effect: In this effect one half of the pack is placed face to face with the other half, yet, on the work of command, the cards right themselves so that all of them face the same way.

Trick Explanation:

1. Take the pack and place it face down on your left hand. With your left thumb spread the cards by pushing them over to the right hand under the pretence of examining the backs. “These seem to be ordinary cards, “you say. “Let’s see the faces.” Close the deck into the left hand and square the cards, holding them in dealing position.

2. Take hold of the outer end of the deck between the right thumb on top and the fingers on the bottom, lift it and turn it over inwards—that is to say, towards your body—and lay it in your left hand, face upwards. Spread the cards as before, showing the faces and remarking, “Just ordinary cards, aren’t they?” Close the pack into the left hand again and square it, but this time, in doing so, let the lowermost card slip off the tip of the right thumb and push the rest of the cards forward about an inch.

3. Grasp the outer end of the deck as before and turn it over inward on to the left hand and on to the face-up card. Square the pack and hold it in your left hand so that is slopes downward a little; thus no one can see the reversed card now on the bottom.

4. Cut off about half the cards by grasping them at the ends between the right thumb and middle finger. Turn the right hand over with a little flourish to show the face card of this packet and look at that card yourself, saying, “I turn on half of the cards upward, so “ As you say this, quietly turn your left hand over bringing it back upwards, thus bringing the reversed card uppermost.

5. Still keeping your eyes fixed on the face card of the packet in your right hand, continue: “I’ll put this packet face upwards on the back of my left hand.” Do so. The packet in the left hand, which the spectators this is face downwards, is really face upward with a single reversed card to top.

6. Draw out the packet from your left hand, grasping it at the sides near the ends, as you say, “I’ll place these face down cards on the face up packet,” and you do so, being careful to slope the packet so that no glimpse can be had of its bottom card. Take the pack off the back of your left hand and replace it in that hand, which you turn palm upwards, between the tips of the thumb on one side of the fingers on the other. With the right turn the pack over sideways three times, each time taking it between the left thumb and fingers as you say, “You see half the pack faces one way, the other half the reverse way. “The third turn will bring the single reversed card to the bottom.

7. “I want to test these cards to see I shall be able to do anything with them. I shall therefore order all the face-up cards to turn face downwards. Let me show you what I mean. I take one of the face-up cards, so.” Draw out the bottom card by the end toward your body, deliberately turn it face downwards on the top of the pack. “Taa Daa!” you exclaim, and, with a flourish, you spread the whole pack on the table. All the cards are face downwards. “Excellent! You have trained your cards well.”

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