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Effect: You fan out a deck of cards (face down), and ask the spectator to pick any card. They take the card out of the deck and memorize it. You put the deck behind your back, and in no time, you know their card.

Trick Explanation:

1. Fan out the deck (face down)

2. Ask the spectator to choose a card out of the pack and memorize it.

3. Tell the spectator to put his/her card on top of the pack.

4. put the deck behind your back and secretly flip the top card of the pack over (the spectator's card)

5. pretend to shuffle a bit.

6. Bring the deck back to the front and ask the spectator if the card that is showing is their card.

7. Since you flipped over the top card, which was the spectator's card, you can see their card in front of you.

8. The spectator will tell you that that card is not his/her card.

9. Bring it back to behind your back and pretend to shuffle some more but flip the card back over.

10. Tell the spectator to give the deck a shuffle and find their card when they are done.

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