Easy Tricks
Keith's Trick PDF Print E-mail
(41 votes)
Prepration: Find a volunteer (One who won't mess up the trick). Teach him about the trick. Inform him not to tell anyone about your secret code (see below.)
King of the Hill PDF Print E-mail
(76 votes)
Preparation: Before you start the trick place the four Kings on top of the deck.
Kings Robbery PDF Print E-mail
(133 votes)
Start out by telling a story of four king thieves (have the Kings separated from the rest of the deck). One day the kings decide to rob their local Famous Store. The four kings fly their helicopter to the roof and begin to devise their plans. (As you say this, place the four Kings on the top of the deck.)
Lucky 13 PDF Print E-mail
(138 votes)
Effect: The magician takes a fresh deck of cards out of the box and shuffles them to demonstrate that they are in no particular order. He deals the cards into a bunch of piles, until the deck is cleared. There are 13 piles, and when he is done each of them contains all four cards of each suit!
Lucky Guess PDF Print E-mail
(71 votes)

(1) You set up 3 rows of 7 cards each, face up.

Magic 21 PDF Print E-mail
(147 votes)
Effect: Spectator chooses a card in a pile of 21, puts it back, and shuffles it. After a series of maneuvers, you somehow magically have their card!
Magic Card Jump PDF Print E-mail
(59 votes)
The magician lets the spectator pick up a card. Then the deck is shuffled by the spectator. After that, the magician says the card will be reversed in the deck and it is really not. The magician then pulls the card out of his pocket.
Magic Flip PDF Print E-mail
(72 votes)
Effect: You can magically flip over the spectators chosen card behind your back.
Magic Riffle PDF Print E-mail
(37 votes)
Effect: Performer shuffles the deck and then riffles through it (see below.) A spectator is asked to say stop before the end of the deck is reached. The performer separates the deck at that point, shows the card to the audience (without looking) and "guesses" the card.
Magicians Apprentice PDF Print E-mail
(54 votes)
Effect: This is a very simple trick I dreamt up for amusing kids who want to learn magic. This is a "find your card" trick with a twist, from start to finish, you never touch the deck. It's actually one of the oldest and easiest card tricks, with a bit of theater to disguise what's really going on.
Mind Reader PDF Print E-mail
(137 votes)
This card trick is very easy but it fools alot of people.
1. Shuffle the deck or get the spectator to shuffle it.
On Tap PDF Print E-mail
(54 votes)
Effect: You lay nine cards onto the table, in a three by three pattern. You ask an accomplice to leave the room, then have a spectator choose one of the cards. When your accomplice returns you will have him identify the exact card chosen by the spectators!
Only Time Will Tell PDF Print E-mail
(119 votes)
A spectator is asked to shuffle a pack of cards - their own if they wish it and whilst doing so, to think of any one of the four suits. The performer, turning his back, instructs the spectator to remove from the pack all the cards of that chosen suit - except the King which stays where it is.
Predicta-pair PDF Print E-mail
(58 votes)
Pre-arrangement : Remove all tens and picture cards from the deck.
The magician asks a spectator to shuffle the cards...
Psychic Solution PDF Print E-mail
(90 votes)
Effect: after a pack of cards is divided into 3 piles, you it around and then you ask your victim to pick up the top card from the middle pile, memorise it and then put it back. You will guess it.
Reversa-Card PDF Print E-mail
(63 votes)
You can use any pack for this trick. Ask a spectator to shuffle the pack and cut it into 2 piles. Then let them select one of the piles and you take the other. Turn your back to the spectator and ask them to...
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21 Finds Your Card
Effect: Reveal the chosen card out of 21 randomly selected cards.
Effect: The magician asks a spectator to pick a number of cards seemingly of their choice until there is only 1 card left the spectator picks it up...
Setup: Before you start the card trick, find the two black 6's and the two black 9's. (The 6 of Spades, the 6 of Clubs, the 9 of Spades, and the 9 of...