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Effect: Reveal the chosen card out of 21 randomly selected cards.


  1. Get any random 21 cards from a 52 card pack (with or with out jokers)
  2. Fan out the 21 cards and get someone to pick a card only with their eyes make sure they don’t tell you
  3. Once chosen lay the cards 3 across and 7 down (their card is in the fourth position)
  4. Ask them which column their card is in e.g. the first
  5. When they say which column their card is in push that pile together  
  6. Make sure the pile their card is in is always in the middle
  7. Do this for 3 times
  8. Count eleven cards and the eleventh one is theirs (do the counting in your head!!)
  9. On the third time the pile that their card is in put that pile in the middle with the other two piles(one on top one on bottom)
  10. Count to eleven and put them on the table and say “is that your card”

For a more freaky affect do step 10 with your eyes closed!! This is a famous trick.

Trick by Aaron

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